Topics: Cardio

Suitable for: DPTV 8-minute energy boost, K-3
Intensity: High

0:52-1:45 front/side/back lunge
1:55-2:15 forward hopscotch
2:20-2:45 backwards hopscotch
2:47-3:45 deadlift/squat hopscotch
3:45- 4:17 single leg hopscotch forward
4:20-4:47 single leg backwards hopscotch
4:49-5:12 double leg hopscotch
5:15-5:42 backwards double foot hopscotch
5:46-6:19 hopscotch for speed
6:20-6:35 backwards hopscotch for speed
6:38-7:25 downward dog/upward dog


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