No Equipment Total Body HIIT Part 2

Topics: Cardio, Cardio Circuit

Suitable for: 4-12, DPTV 8-minute energy boost
Intensity: High

0:42-1:00 high knees
1:01-1:19 butt kicks
1:20- 1:38 shuffle touch
1:40-1:54 jump rope
2:00- 2:30 mountain climber into pushup
2:35-2:42 active rest
2:43-3:28 high knees to deadlift
3:29-3:36 active rest
3:40-4:20 squats
4:25-5:15 bicycle to tuck ins
5:19-5:58 superman swimmers/rocks
5:59-6:05 active rest
6:06-6:38 bent over bicep curls
6:39-6:45 active rest
6:52-7:01 opposite elbow to opposite knee
7:04-7:12 walkouts
7:16-7:20 arm circle into arm stretch


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