No Equipment Total Body HIIT Part 1

Topics: Cardio

Suitable for: 4-12, DPTV 8-minute energy boost
Intensity: High

0:40-1:07 jogging in place
1:08-1:21 jumping jacks
1:22-1:35 squat jumps
1:37-2:00 walkout arm circles
2:03-2:27 candle stick roll star jumps
2:38-2:45 active rest
2:26-3:23 elbow hand plank
3:24-3:31 active rest
3:33- 4:20 crab tricep dip to opposite toe touch
4:21-4:30 active rest
4:31-5:13 plank jack hip to hip
5:15-5:22 active rest
5:25-6:02 pike push up
6:03-6:10 active rest
6:11-6:31 cool down arm circles
6:34-6:54 shoulder stretch
6:56-7:15 overhead tricep stretch
7:18- 7:30 hamstring stretch


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