Dynamic Stretching

Topics: Strength, Stretching

Suitable for: DPTV 8-minute energy boost, PreK-5
Intensity: Low

1:16-1:46 ankle walks
1:47-2:13 tiptoes and rotator cuff exercise
2:14-2:31 heel walk and rotator cuff
2:32-2:51 high knees w arms
2:52-3:11 butt kicks w swinging arms
3:12-3:37 skipping while swinging arms
3:38-4:28 karoake
4:29-5:00 karoake w smaller strides
5:01-5:35 long step knee hug
5:36-6:01 frog jumps
6:02-6:24 walking lunges
6:25-7:02 eagles


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