Pilates/Yoga Strength and Conditioning

Topics: Strength

Suitable for: DPTV 8-minute family routine, K-12
Intensity: Low

0:36-1:01 run in place
1:02-1:19 neck rolls
1:20-1:37 swing arm hugs
1:38-2:00 hip openers
2:01-2:57 squats
2:58-3:50 knee taps
3:51-4:59 reverse fly thumb
5:00-5:33 front stretch
5:34-5:58 thigh stretch
5:59-6:29 front stretch
6:30-6:44 thigh stretch
6:45-7:13 stretch arms across body
7:14-7:28 shrug shoulders
7:29-7:36 swing arms
7:37-7:48 neck rolls


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