Short Bouts of Exercise with Backpack or Water Bottles

Topics: Cardio

Suitable for: 3-12, DPTV 8-minute energy boost
Intensity: Medium

0:44-1:11 jog and march in place w backpack/water bottles
1:12-1:50 calf raises w backpack/water bottles
1:53-2:31 squats w backpack/water bottles
2:35-3:00 calf raises
3:01-3:35 faster squats
3:45-4:18 bench over row using backpack/water bottles
4:19-5:00 curl shoulder backpack/water bottles up then shoulder press then bring down
5:01-5:34 bench over row
5:35-6:19 curl shoulder press again
6:27-7:15 upper body crunch w one water bottle/backpack


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